Study Abroad Q&A

Q: Why study abroad with KC?

A: KC specializes in a wide-range of hair and make-up, from Hollywood movie styling and Vogue-like portfolio making to sophisticated body art with a mix of Western and Japanese taste. Actual courses taught by Owner, Yuko T. Koach herself and our professional crew, we train our students not only in technique but also in building a professional persona. All of our programs are hands on, enabling students of all levels to pursue their careers in a salon or the TV and film industry. Whether 1 week, 3 months, or 2 years, you will gain the fullest through our programs.


Q: I don’t understand or speak English very well. Can I still enroll?

A: When you study abroad to America, most people face the language problem. We provide absolute support. The program includes English lessons that will be beneficial working in the beauty industry. Furthermore, our bilingual assistants can help you with any language difficulties. We can also coordinate you with our community English schools if you wish to take a step further in enhancing your English.


Q: I would like to study abroad, but am unsure which course I should pick

A: We have courses ranging from beginning to a professional level as well as classes dependent upon the duration of your stay. We provide very flexible course scheduling that may be personalized in any way you desire. Please contact us for further information.


Q: When can I start?

A: Your class schedule is depended on your needs and may start anytime.


Q: How much are living expenses? What else do I need to bring?

A: Although it varies by person, living expenses are about $800 a month including housing. We offer housing accommodations either at our student loft or nearby hotels. Please ask us for details. Credit cards and signed travelers check will come in handy. Medicines in the US have stronger doses compare to eastern countries. It may be helpful to bring your own medicine.


Q: Will I get my license by finishing the KC program?

A: To receive your license, you must take and pass the California State licensing exam, for which a valid Social Security Number is required. Those who wish to take the exam will have to plan to study abroad for a minimum of six months. Throughout this course, we help prepare you to be able to pass the exam with confidence. We provide mock exams and thoroughly review all steps you will be expected to know on the day of the exam.


Q: Do students need a visa when studying abroad for less than three months?

A: No visa is required, however it is required by law to fill out an ESTA form when entering the USA.


Q: I graduated from a beauty school in my country but haven’t taken the licensing exam. In this case, can I still transfer my credits to KC?

A: As long as you have a diploma from the school, no problem.


Q: I don’t really understand how I can transfer my beauty license into California license.

A: All documents must be translated into English in order for your license to be transferred. Our team, who specializes in the license transfer, will help you with the process.


Q: How long does the transfer process take?

A: Transfer process varies. If you have over 1600 hours credit from a certified beauty school and have a SSN, you will be able to take the exam within 6 months.


Q: Do you need a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to take the licensing exam?

A: You MUST have a Social Security Number in order to obtain your beauty license. We can provide OPT visa and SSN for those who enroll in our program. Once you have your SSN, we will then prepare you for the beauty license exam.


Q: Do salon work hours count in the transfer requirement hours?

A: No, any salon work experiences will not affect the transfer requirements.